Wellness holiday villa IJsselmeer

Picturesque cities and numerous sights


There are multiple diverse cities and sights greatly accessible from this holiday residence. Medemblik is the perfect destination for peace seekers, culture lovers and activists. The surrounding places of Medemblik are mostly old fishing towns and harbor cities such as Andijk, Enkhuizen en Hoorn. The must see places in Medemblik are the steam engine museum, bakery museum, Radboud Castle and do not forget to take a tour in the nostalgic steam train of Medemblik to Hoorn. 


The picturesque city Enkhuizen owes his wealth and fame to the Dutch East India Company times. From this famous period of time there is a lot of work still intact in the monumental city center. Bring a visit to the dromedary, a piece of defense from the 16th century. Or visit the Zuiderzeemuseum which gives you a great look at daily life back in the day at the sea. A tip for families with young children, the Sprookjeswonderland is a fairytale wonderland.


Make a peaceful stroll through the city of Hoorn to explore the city such as the impressive harbor. The West-Fries museum is the most important and famous museum of Hoorn. The museum perfectly exhibits the richness of the golden century. Of course there are also multiple terraces, shopping streets with beautiful facades and you are able to go back by the steam train track to Medemblik.

All this just 40 minutes from Amsterdam!​​

The holiday park

Europarcs Ijsselmeer is a beautiful holiday park located directed at the water. The park features diverse facilities such as a brasserie, sandwich service, hot water indoor swimming pool with a 50 meter slide, tennis courts, air trampoline, playground equipment, bike rental (also e-bike), motor boat or yacht rental. Additionally you can find a nice and clean sand beach ‘’De Vooroever’’. A great location to enjoy time with your family, beloved one or friends at this beautiful holiday park.


Also is lake IJsselmeer easily accessible from the holiday villa. IJsselmeer is The Netherlands’ biggest freshwater lake. The place is ideal for diverse watersports like, kitesurfing, supping and sailing but also has its cultural-historical value. A location that was very important back in the day for the Dutch East India Company trade and for local fishers. Nearby is located the beach De Vooroever. Relaxed hiking, cycling, swimming or lounging in the sun will get you the best IJsselmeer experience there is.


The town of Medemblik is easily accessible from the holiday villa. Medemblik is the smallest city in the region of West-Friesland and has a rich history with endless stories. The city received its city rights in 1289 from count Floris V van Holland. It is a charming city located at the IJsselmeer. In downtown Medemblik you are able to enjoy yourself with multiple stores, endless restaurants and terraces. Furthermore, Medemblik has a lot of historical facades and over 80 national monuments. It is also known for its many watersports activities.

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